Victoria Beckham Plastic Surgery Pictures

Victoria Beckham is one such diva who stands out as a perfect example of “growing gracefull”, her era has been enchanting and spread the same level of zeal, no matter what’s her age.Victoria Beckham who is well known as a Posh of spice girls, however is out of reel or stage world but she is never out of her aura.

Victoria Beckham Plastic Surgery Now And Then

Victoria Beckham Plastic Surgery Pictures

But she is a power mom and an elegant wife who has to match an equally well groomed football hubby.Victoria is surely famous for her contributions to the world of entertainment whether as a member of Spice Girls or not, but she has also being put into the centre for her rumoured  plastic surgeries.Her miss and blink appearances with footballer hubby draws great attention sometimes to the changed shape of her nose, sometimes to broader cleavage on her skinny frame.

Boob job

Victoria beckham is known as a sexual icon for her toned figure, when she started her career she looked flawless but had a skinny frame. Thus, if she tries any sort of enhancements it will be visible. 2003 witnessed a slight change in the size of her breast. The cup size looks bigger and the cleavage is displayed boldly and the results can’t be attributed to  just a mere pushup bra

Face lift

She had a round face that has turned sharper over the years. She has got sharper edges now. The chin bone is much narrow now with a much defined jawline that is enough to slay men there and then and make girls go envious.

Her answer to these queries is quite simple, she gives the credit to her diet and physical regime. But its hard to believe, given the kind of skin she has, this kind of skin can be obtained with regular use of chemicals like Juvederm.Again she gets paranoid if asked about the surgeries.


There are loads of speculations around her nose job. Rhinoplasty is a treatment of nose, its usually done to change the shape and size of the nose.  A better nose can change the career. Victoria beckham’s nose had undergone cosmetic surgery and this surgery has changed the shape for good. She is one of those lucky celebs who got a subtpe surgery. Most of the time, celebs end up getting a weird looking. To get a clear evidence you can look at her before and after images. These images show a great deal of difference, but the best part is now, the tip of her nose is thin as compared to the bulbous tip of her nose earlier. There is no natural way of having a nose changed in this subtle and desired. This clearly calls for a rhinoplasty and that too by an experienced plastic surgeon. The nose cut and shape completely complements her face cut and curled lips.

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