Ways To Get Perfect Hair

Hairs are supposed to be a woman’s sole entity. Taking care of hair properly is certainly a tough task, blow drying them, proper washing, conditioning and what not. Before getting a hair treatment done or even a haircut, she takes advice of tons of people and ensures several of her doubts. It becomes like a hell if she gets frizzy hair before and even or even a single split end in that hair follicle. So, this is how important they are to any girl. Well then, when you take care of something it’s important to keep good care for the whole lot of time. Here are a few tips to keep your hair fresh, non – frizzy and healthy for the next many years of your life. Here are some Awesome tips For Hair.Ways To Get Perfect Hair

Shampoo them timely:

Shampoo your hair maximum two to three times a week, not more not less. Never attempt to wash them every day, unless falling in an emergency. Hair follicles has natural oil containing pigments in the form of droplets that nourish the hair;  perpetual shampooing for days leads to drying of these oil containing glands and make the hair devoid of natural oil.

Go for a cold water shower and learn shampooing techniques

Do not wash hair in hot or lukewarm water. Hot water dries the ends and makes your hair frizzy and entangled after the wash, which lead to hair loss.

Learn techniques to shampoo hair; do not put shampoo on ends, rather put it on scalp and massage properly to let the shampoo actually removes the dirt and grease from your hair.Also, avoid use of large quantity of shampoo. Take just the correctly amount of it dissolved in few drops of water. Put the diluted solution on scalps and clean them properly.

Dry your hair before conditioning

Always dry your hair with a cotton towel before applying conditioner. Try to use a homemade conditioner, as the ones in the market are made of chemicals and agents that can de- color your hair after a certain age.  Conditioners are for moisturizing your hair, hence invest in the best one. One can also opt for a dry or leave in conditioner and the later wash it whenever needed.

Apply oil

It’s very important to nourish your hair with natural oils, of not the ones used by our grandparents then go for dry oil. Oiling is very important to let the hair absorb it and nourish deep inside the roots. Avoid fraying, just a proper application is important.Try using hot oil so as to get a relief. It works wonders. Just apply it an hour before shampooing and you can see the transient change; it also helps to gain natural shine over time.

Combing and brushing

They might sound same but are actually not. Brushing refers to letting the brush go off slightly and remove the hair follicles away, while combing is solving the entangled hair story. Always comb wet hair to avoid hair breakage and dry brushing.

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