Water is the essential part of human body. Our body is composed of 55-78 % of water, based on body size. Consuming good amount of water decreases the risk of any disease. And comes with extra benefits such as no calories, carbohydrates, fat or sugar. Based on survey it is suggested that atleast 10 glasses of water per day to maintain health. Recently, the Institute of Medicine suggested that the normal intake for a person is 2.2 liters.

Water is the only drink that has no harm even if taken without any limit. More the intake of water, much healthy you are.  Water is a vital drink for all ages, genders and religions, no one can survive without it. No technological advancement has ever found its substitute.

Apart from drinking, you always need running water to complete the chores of your house, be it cleaning floors, clothes or utensils. All products use water in one way or the other.

Hydrate at your best!

  1. Gives Energy & Reboost

Since our body is mostly water, drinking it more helps you in better thinking, focus and concentrating. Your energy level can also get boosted.

  1. Helps in weight loss

Drinking water helps in removing by products of fat, fills your tummy so that you don’t consume unnecessary food, reduces appetite and increases metabolism and has no calories.

  1. Remove Toxins

It helps in getting rid of Toxins in the form of sweat and urine which decreases the risk of getting kidney stones and urinary tract infections.

  1. Skin problems

You don’t need expensive facials and mosturisers for your face. Drinking ample amount of water can moisturise your skin, fresh, glowing and refresh. It is the best medicine for any skin.

  1. Solves digestion problem

Water keeps you away from digestion problems and helps prevention from constipation.

  1. Boosts Immune System

Water is considered as a immunity booster. It keeps you away from diseases like flu, ailments of heart and cancer.

  1. Relieve from headache

Migraine, headache and back pains can be the cause of dehydration and drinking more water can relive you from above problems.

  1. Prevents Muscles cramps

Dehydration in your muscles can result in cramp and muscles related problems. Hydration of joints and muscles keep them elastic.

  1. Can change your mood

When your body parts function well, you feel happy and great!

  1. Body temperature

Water promotes our body temperature. Its ability to allow heat to pass in the form of sweat from the skin which helps in maintaining same body temperature.

  1. Boost your brain

In London, a recent study showed relationship between students drinking water and better grades, which shows that water promotes better thinking. But it is still unclear that drinking water had a relationship with better score. 

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Ways to get a beautiful and radiating skin naturally

A perfect skin without any scar, blemishes, lines and wrinkles would be the one which actresses or celebs have. How would it be, if you had the perfect skin, the soft and smooth one with the perfect tone and texture? All in all a healthy skin is something everyone desires for. There are several ways to get a healthy skin apart from undergoing plastic surgeries or chemically driven products which are costly and may harm your skin in the long run. To get that perfect scoop of beautiful and healthy skin here are a few tips to get the skin of your choice.

Ways For Beautiful And Radiating Skin

Be hydrated: hydration is the key to a healthy skin. All a skin requires is proper hydration. Drink about a liter or two of fresh water, especially warm water. Water removes toxins from the body and lets the skin keeps problems like acne, scars and marks at bay. So, remain hydrated.Have a proper balanced diet: a balanced diet does not only help you to keep your skin fresh but also helps you to maintain your digestion and a balanced figure as well. Include a lot of fruits rich in vitamin C like berries, oranges, grapes, etc. to have a proper regulation of antioxidants in the body. Antioxidants keep diseases at bay and reduces inflammation, hence preventing lines and wrinkles. Also try including dark chocolates in your skin; it helps to maintain the softness of the skin.
Use natural products: slash the use of heavy chemical and branded products.

These products contain artificial agents and colors that destroy the pigment cells of skin and in the long run leads to appearance of natural dark spots over your face and skin. Use turmeric, ginger, homemade pastes. Even if going for a company based product, keep a close eye at the ingredients and ensure they are safe for the skin and does not contain any harsh chemicals. i will recommend BODY SHOP products


keeping yourself hydrated and moisturized are the most important and key concept for a radiant skin. Firstly, know what is your body type as in dry or oily and then shop for the best moisturizer or cream. Don’t run behind brands, a natural moisturizer also does the same thing. Whenever dry, use the moisturizer. Most importantly, select the moisturizer according to the season and do not let the skin dry. Also, avoid perpetual use of water in daily activities.


This is certainly the most important part to keep your skin healthy. Select a exfoliating cream that can work as a moisturizer as well. Do not get harsh on your skin, especially face, exfoliators are meant to remove the outermost dead layer of skin. Ensure proper circular hand movement to avoid destruction of natural cells of the face. Also try to select a proper astringent to keep the skin fresh. Rose water or menthol water can work the same and keep the skin fresh and hydrated as well.

Hairs are supposed to be a woman’s sole entity. Taking care of hair properly is certainly a tough task, blow drying them, proper washing, conditioning and what not. Before getting a hair treatment done or even a haircut, she takes advice of tons of people and ensures several of her doubts. It becomes like a hell if she gets frizzy hair before and even or even a single split end in that hair follicle. So, this is how important they are to any girl. Well then, when you take care of something it’s important to keep good care for the whole lot of time. Here are a few tips to keep your hair fresh, non – frizzy and healthy for the next many years of your life. Here are some Awesome tips For Hair.Ways To Get Perfect Hair

Shampoo them timely:

Shampoo your hair maximum two to three times a week, not more not less. Never attempt to wash them every day, unless falling in an emergency. Hair follicles has natural oil containing pigments in the form of droplets that nourish the hair;  perpetual shampooing for days leads to drying of these oil containing glands and make the hair devoid of natural oil.

Go for a cold water shower and learn shampooing techniques

Do not wash hair in hot or lukewarm water. Hot water dries the ends and makes your hair frizzy and entangled after the wash, which lead to hair loss.

Learn techniques to shampoo hair; do not put shampoo on ends, rather put it on scalp and massage properly to let the shampoo actually removes the dirt and grease from your hair.Also, avoid use of large quantity of shampoo. Take just the correctly amount of it dissolved in few drops of water. Put the diluted solution on scalps and clean them properly.

Dry your hair before conditioning

Always dry your hair with a cotton towel before applying conditioner. Try to use a homemade conditioner, as the ones in the market are made of chemicals and agents that can de- color your hair after a certain age.  Conditioners are for moisturizing your hair, hence invest in the best one. One can also opt for a dry or leave in conditioner and the later wash it whenever needed.

Apply oil

It’s very important to nourish your hair with natural oils, of not the ones used by our grandparents then go for dry oil. Oiling is very important to let the hair absorb it and nourish deep inside the roots. Avoid fraying, just a proper application is important.Try using hot oil so as to get a relief. It works wonders. Just apply it an hour before shampooing and you can see the transient change; it also helps to gain natural shine over time.

Combing and brushing

They might sound same but are actually not. Brushing refers to letting the brush go off slightly and remove the hair follicles away, while combing is solving the entangled hair story. Always comb wet hair to avoid hair breakage and dry brushing.