Review of Dr. Oetker Ristorante Pizza Vegetale Frozen Vegetable Pizza

Dr. Oetker Ristorante Pizza Vegetale frozen pizzaFrozen pizzas with only vegetables are generally few and far between. Of course, all of Amy’s pizzas are that way, and some are even vegan. Outside of natural food stores, though, most grocery stores only have enough space to carry a few of their varieties.

A couple of other examples stand out in mind: Newman’s Own makes a thin and crispy with roasted vegetables on a multi-grain crust and Celeste makes a tasty vegetable one that’s pretty cheap, too! It also has mushrooms which seems to me to be a bit of a rarity in the world of frozen pizza. I’m guessing due to it being a common allergen.

Dr. Oetker is another brand that may not be quite as commonly found in the grocery store, but is worth seeking out. The Dr. Oetker history is an interesting read. The company is headquartered in Germany and apparently makes the top-selling frozen pizza in Italy.

What I love about this brand is that of the 6 frozen pizzas they make, 5 are vegetarian. One is just spinach, another is all mushrooms, and then there’s one with fresh mozzarella and another with 4 cheeses. They also make a vegetable pizza, which is the one I enjoyed this time.

Overall, it has a light veggie taste. I love the cherry tomatoes and the flavor they bring to it. They add little pickled hot peppers which give it a nice zing, but don’t make it too spicy. I think this would benefit from the addition of olives, mushrooms, or both, but that’s just a personal preference. The ingredients list mentions an olive paste, but I didn’t pick up on that at all.

The three different colors of peppers, red, yellow, and green, are a fun and unexpected twist. And, in case you’re not an onion fan, this one uses red onions for a mild flavor.

The crust is the perfect texture. It crisps right up in the oven without being overly crunchy or falling apart. The directions say to cook it right on the oven rack, not in a pan or on a pizza stone.

There is a slight creaminess that comes from their choice of cheeses, Edam and mozzarella, as well as a bit of sour cream. But this is definitely not an overly cheesy pizza. It makes an excellent snack, but is pretty filling for a meal, too, especially if you accompany it with a salad.

Nutritionally, the entire pizza is just 780 calories and 33g fat. If you ate the whole pizza you’d be getting 1590mg of sodium, about 66% your recommended daily amount. The cholesterol is reasonable: 45mg or 15% and the total carbohydrates come in at 84g or 27%. If you’re going to indulge in pizza for dinner this seems to be a good choice to make.

When’s the last time you saw a frozen pizza come out of the oven and look like this?

Dr. Oetker Ristorante Pizza Vegetale frozen pizza

Dr. Oetker Ristorante Pizza Vegetale frozen pizza

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  1. Ristorante Pizza’s are very good. The crust is thin and crispy and they do not cover up the taste with excessive sauce. I have tried them all and all are very good. Put some pepperoni, extra mozzarella and jalapeno’s on the top and cook! Perfect Pizza every time. They say put on the rack but I use a pizza pan that has holes in the bottom, preheat the pan with the oven, that way no mess in the oven. Hard to find but when I do I buy a bunch of them for the freezer.

  2. They are the best tasting on the market. Problem is that none of the popular supermarkets are selling it. Anyone knows who still stocks it

  3. Lyn

    I am really disappointed. The pizzas have been a great hit with my family for 2 years. The last ones I bought were only two thirds of the size of the past ones with only a small amount of topping. We had to add topping. Who are you trying to deceive. No more for us and we have been big customers of your pizzas.

  4. I just had my first pizza. I had the Pizza Vegetale and loved the crispy crust, to me it had the texture of a cracker. Loved it. They have them at Shaws Supermarkets

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