Review of Amy’s Organic Medium Salsa

If ketchup is my all-time favorite condiment, salsa is a close second. I absolutely love salsa! There are just so many different ways to have it.

I generally prefer more a pico de gallo type of salsa. More chopped veggies and less actual sauce. But a lot of the bottled salsas available at the store are more sauce and not nearly as chock full of vegetables as I would prefer. So I have learned that I need to make accommodations. With that in mind, I decided recently to pick up a bottle of Amy’s salsa and see what I thought. It wasn’t one of their products that I’d ever tried.

The first thing I noticed about this is that it was thick—almost like a chunky pasta sauce. The first ingredient is tomato puree, so that would be why. There actually aren’t any tomatoes in this salsa beyond that.

As somebody who loves tomatoes I was a little let down by that. But, to be fair, I could read the label and see some of it before I purchased. So on one level I knew what I was getting.

After that, you’ve got onions, water, jalapeños, cilantro, lime juice, sea salt, garlic, and spices. I generally shy away from bottled salsas that have garlic in them. I’m just not a fan of that and I don’t really think that ingredient belongs there.

However, at the same time, nearly every bottled salsa I see has garlic. (And pasta sauce, for that matter!) So, as long as it isn’t too strong and that you can’t really tell it’s there by an aftertaste, I generally don’t mind.

An important part of any salsa is the heat level. I have a very high tolerance of spicy food. In fact, at any given time, there are at least 3 different bottles of hot sauce right next to the pepper and sea salt grinder!

I was absolutely in heaven in Belize. No matter where you go you will have hot sauce on the table. And they don’t play when it comes to spicy food! I think most people with a tame palate would find it inedible. Anyway, my train of thought has drifted again…

Amy’s offers three varieties of salsa: black bean and corn, mild, and medium. They don’t seem to make a hot salsa, which, honestly, if available would have been the one I picked. So I went with medium. Usually, you can’t go wrong with that decision anyway.

It seemed a bit salty when I tasted it. I checked the label and 2 tablespoons has 190mg sodium. That’s puts it pretty close to ketchup.

It was thick and rich, though. The veggies that were in it were crunchy. I guess that would just mean the onion and jalapeños. To my high tolerance palate there was absolutely no heat level at all. This definitely was in the league of a mild salsa.

Again, I know things I think taste mild are detected as spicy by other people. So I do get that there’s a tolerance issue. But for a medium salsa I want a little tongue tingle!

Beyond that, there’s not much else to say. This would be a perfect accompaniment to many different dishes, everything from Tofu Rancheros to a Breakfast Burrito to Scrambled Tofu! And that’s just breakfast and brunch!

How about a quesadilla, vegetarian chili, or taco night?

Well, I guess you can see just why I love salsa so much. So, while this isn’t exactly the kind of thing I look for when purchasing salsa, I do like it. I’m just wondering if Amy’s plans to make a hot version that will really love up to its name!

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