Review of 6 Popular Brands of Natural Coconut Water

In honor of the holiday festivities about to ensue around the world, I offer my review of 6 popular brands of natural coconut water.

coconut water

Coconut water is the liquid formed inside young coconuts. As they get older, coconut meat develops and the water becomes coconut milk.

Coconut water is tremendously refreshing. It has lots more potassium than a banana and is high in minerals. It’s naturally low in calories, sodium, and carbohydrates, and contains no fat. After working out it can help repair the body and rebuild the energy just as well as those Sports drinks—but is all natural. It’s also great for rehydrating, which makes it a perfect beverage for after parties as well.

But it does not all taste the same! So here is my taste test of 6 popular brands of natural coconut water that I found.

ZICO Natural
Ingredients: all natural coconut water from concentrate, natural flavor
I wasn’t real happy with the natural flavor added to this brand. I couldn’t find any information on their website about what that might mean. Of course, we know that in the United States that covers a wide range of what it could be derived from, and this could even include animal ingredients. I could almost swear that the plastic this was stored in left a flavor in the coconut water. There was just something I tasted that didn’t belong. Apparently, this product recently changed and there are some unhappy reviewers on Amazon. Not a keeper for me. 1 star.

Naked 100% Coconut Water
Ingredients: coconut water
This has a slightly sweet and balanced flavor. I’ve had this brand before and I know it’s one of my favorites. Obviously, I’m a huge fan of nothing but coconut water in the ingredients. Bonus for them is that the coconut water also comes with different all natural fruit juices added, including pineapple, mango peach, and lychee. Now I have to find that lychee version because I love those! Order a case for the New Year. 4 stars.

coconut waterVita Coco 100% Pure Coconut Water
Ingredients: coconut water, vitamin C
It seems this one is fortified with added vitamin C. Since that’s so easy to get in the regular diet I would prefer that not be in there. The taste is good, though, and comparable to Naked, but it tastes sweeter with a few more sugar grams. For rehydration purposes I’d like it to have as little sugar as possible. 3 stars.

Harvest Bay All-Natural Coconut Water
Ingredients: coconut water
This has a nutty taste which is something different I wasn’t expecting. I like it, but I don’t think I’d want that every time I drink coconut water. According to their FAQ, their product contains the “widely popular Nam-Hom coconut, which is renowned for its sweet taste and refreshing aroma, and is a high-grade coconut that is only available in Thailand.” That probably explains it. It’s got fewer sugars than all the brands, which is nice and it does seem to be a little tart. Overall, very good and refreshing. 3.5 stars.

O.N.E. Coconut Water
Ingredients: coconut water
This is another one of my favorites, along with Naked. This one seems to have a slightly more intense coconut flavor. An easy one to return to over and over anytime you need a coconut water refreshment. Almost exactly nutritionally comparable to Naked. 4 stars.

Blue Monkey Pure Coconut Water
Ingredients: 100% coconut water
Extra points from me for having coconut water and nothing else in the ingredients. They pack it in a can instead of the more common tetra-pak so that it has a longer shelf life. Does the metal affect the flavor the way the plastic seemed to for ZICO? It doesn’t seem to. It is quite a bit sweeter, however, up there with Vita Coco. With no added sugar I can’t really fault them. Variations in the coconuts and where they’re grown contribute to that. As I mentioned, though, I do prefer it less sweet for hydration. It almost has the nutty flavor of Harbor Bay, but it’s definitely less pronounced. Head to head with Vita Coco, I’d be a monkey and climb up the coconut tree for this one. 3.5 stars.

Now get yourself some coconut water. Happy New Year!

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