Sexy Love Potions For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is here! You might be in need of some sexy love potions—or maybe you’d just like to try some for yourself. So to celebrate love’s favorite holiday, here are some fun ideas you can use.

sexy valentine's day love potion

Red Wine
Wine might be an obvious choice—and it certainly can be a potent aphrodisiac. But you don’t want any old bottle of red. Instead, take some time to find a thick, spicy brew. Look for one with hints of luscious fruits, like raspberries or blackberries. These grow in dense patches of prickly briars, but those who can navigate them carefully are well-rewarded for the treasure hunt. Does that remind you of anybody special?

Get a Shiraz or a nice Pinot Noir. Open the bottle and let it breathe for a little bit before serving. Pour some into the largest glass you have. Swirl the wine around so you can admire the legs. (Ahem.) Be sure to smell it to give your palate a tease of what’s to come. Then sip—slowly, almost chewing the wine in your mouth. Smile, sigh deeply, and repeat.

Spicy Chocolate
Chocolate takes on a whole new level of complexity when it’s combined with spices. Cayenne has long been renowned as an plant of love. It’s believed that spicy food sparks a fire in more places than your belly.

Mexican or Aztec chocolate was a much different brew than the hot chocolate we know today. Cocoa itself is known as a sensual indulgence, but theirs wasn’t sugary. Roasted cacao nibs are an excellent way to experience this.

Try melting some dark chocolate, at least 60%, with milk or your favorite non-dairy alternative. Almond milk is fantastic because it’s a natural complement to chocolate. Add a pinch of crushed red pepper or cayenne (or both), a little cinnamon, and a dash of salt. Heat just until steaming. Whisk it until frothy and serve in large mugs. Sprinkle with some cacao nibs or dark chocolate covered espresso beans.

Gingers many magical properties have been extolled for centuries. One of them is the power to fan the flames of love. A warm mug of ginger tea is always a good way to start. I suggest seeking out a quality ginger ale for your Valentine’s potion.

Look for a natural brand, sweetened with cane sugar. Ideally, it should have little pieces of ginger floating inside. Don’t be afraid of getting an extra-spicy version!

You can pour it into tall champagne flutes for a truly impressive presentation. Or if you prefer, mix it with some vodka and lime juice for a Moscow Mule.

Ginger beer provides a more intense flavor than ginger ale. Like root beer, though, it doesn’t have any alcohol in it. Many of them are artificially flavored and sweetened with high fructose corn syrup. Show your sweetie how much you love them and get a natural brand. Then combine it with rum and a slice of lime for a Dark ‘N’ Stormy. Hopefully, that doesn’t make any statements about your relationship!

Herbal teas are a great Valentine’s Day love potion. Choose one with warming spices like cinnamon, ginger, and ginseng. Or go with stimulating concoctions for endurance, with rhodiola, damiana, or eleuthero root.

You might even luck out and find a love brew ready-made. Look for brands like Yogi Tea. They have all kinds of combinations for many different needs.

You can also make your own tonic. Steep a cinnamon stick, star anise, coriander seeds, and some peppercorns in hot water to create your own chai infusion. Dunk in a tea bag or just use a few tablespoons anywhere you’d like the flavor. Think of icing on a special red cupcake!

Vanilla is known to be a particularly intriguing scent. You might make an intensely flavored vanilla dessert to accompany your potions. Buy the best vanilla you can and then use it with a heavy hand. Make it the focus of the dish with no other flavors to distract. Think crème brûlée or rice pudding. Or perhaps a light cupcake or crisp biscotti for dunking.

I hope this has given you lots of ideas to enjoy. Even if you’re not into Valentine’s Day at all, you can still have fun experimenting with your own sexy love potions!

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