Guinness Sloppy Joes

Guinness sloppy joesWant something hearty and zesty to start your week off right? How about a vegetarian version of the classic Sloppy Joe sandwich with a special twist?

I use Guinness in here to add an extra punch of flavor. This stout gives it a spicy edge that I really enjoyed. Not spicy as in heat, just a little something different. You could use just about any other type of beer that you enjoy. Pale ales and lagers work well here, but feel free to be adventurous!

Serve these on lightly toasted buns along with Baked Sweet Potato Fries with Rosemary and Parmesan! And think how much more fabulous you are now than you were in grade school because they certainly never served that in the lunchroom.

Guinness Sloppy Joes
Enough for 6 sandwiches

1 Tbsp oil
1 cup green pepper, diced
1 tsp jalapeño, seeded and diced
2 cloves garlic, minced
3 Tbsp chili powder
12 oz bottle Guinness, or other stout
12 oz pkg veggie crumbles
1/2 cup chili sauce or ketchup
2 Tbsp tamari
1 cup scallions, diced
sea salt and black pepper, to taste
1 pkg kaiser rolls or burger buns

Heat the oil in a medium saucepan. Add the green pepper and jalapeño and cook 8 minutes. Add the garlic and chili powder and cook 1 minute longer.

Slowly pour the beer into the pan. Stir well, then add the remaining ingredients. Simmer until thickened and bubbly, 20 to 30 minutes.

Toast the buns and serve.

Guinness sloppy joes

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