Breakfast: The Easiest Veggie Meal Of The Day

vegetarian breakfastBreakfast is widely noted as being the most important meal of the day. Because it’s the first food that you’re going to eat—the food that will break the fast—you need to fuel your body for the adventures of the day ahead.

Many people skip breakfast, either because they feel they don’t have enough time to eat it or they just don’t like to eat for a while after they get up. This can result in eating bad food later, brain fog, weight gain, and more.

There are lots of great breakfast foods. I was thinking about them and realized just how many of those are naturally vegetarian or vegan. It’s so easy to have a veggie breakfast and many people do every day, even if they eat meat. Of course, a side of some meat is also a common breakfast addition, but an entire meat-based dish is less likely to be served (although they do exist).

Breakfast also can be naturally wholesome. For cold or hot cereal you might have oatmeal, cream of wheat or rice, corn grits, granola, or something a little more exotic like the Arrowhead Mills Organic Gluten Free Quinoa Rice & Shine Hot Cereal I’ve been having lately. They are excellent sources of whole grain goodness that will certainly keep you going through to lunch. Cereal is often served with cow’s milk, but it’s just as easy to use your favorite non-dairy milk and go vegan: soy, rice, almond, hemp, or a blend.

Whole grains can also come in the form of quick breads. Pancakes, waffles, and crepes can be healthy, delicious starts to your day. You can add many hearty additions, such as blueberries, walnuts, almonds, or even dark chocolate chips. Crepes can be stuffed with sweet or savory fillings. How about some fresh ricotta and strawberries or spinach, mushrooms, and nutritional yeast?

Do you enjoy muffins? They don’t have to be high-calorie desserts. You can make them with less sugar and more healthy ingredients instead. The bakery at the local natural food market should have some great selections.

Everybody loves toast! Take your favorite loaf of bread and slather it with some peanut or almond butter, or maybe just a bit of margarine or butter. You might like the frozen sprouted grain breads or you can use a thick slice of multigrain studded with seeds. How about a bagel? They get a bad rap as an empty calorie breakfast, but they can be had whole grain without a fatty spread.

If you eat eggs they’re a great source of protein and they can be prepared so many different ways. I don’t care for them myself, but they’re a quick and convenient choice. You might just select egg whites to keep the cholesterol and fat lower. Or if you don’t like eggs either how about taking a little time for some scrambled tofu instead? You can put almost anything you want in that.

Potatoes are breakfast staples, whether they come in the form of hash browns, home fries, or those cute little Tots. But you don’t have to limit the vegetable selection there. Breakfast is all about breaking the rules. Why not dig out some leftover veggies from last night’s dinner and heat those up?

There are so many faux meat options available these days that you can take your pick. Whether you like bacon, sausage, ham, or hot dogs you should be able to find any alternative that you want. Vegan versions can also be found for just about anything. They’re lower in fat, often lower in calories, and contain little to no cholesterol, unlike their meaty counterparts. You also don’t have to fry them in a lot of oil. Most can be microwaved (but sometimes the texture isn’t as great).

Yogurt is another great choice. You might like healthy Greek yogurt or try one of the vegan varieties available.

There’s no end to all the different fruits you can have. You could make an entire breakfast on those alone. How about going tropical with papaya, pineapple, mango, banana, or coconut? You could have them all with the yogurt!

It should be clear to see why breakfast is the easiest vegetarian and vegan meal of the day. So why not have breakfast for lunch or dinner, too?

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